Treasury Management


Today Treasurers are facing turbulent and challenging times.
The global and international financial crisis has led treasury to prioritize monitoring the financial markets, optimizing cash flow and managing risk management.
Considering the speed of developments, a comprehensive and real-time treasury management system (TMS) is essential to manage financial positions and risks proactively.

We have experience in most European countries, North America and Canada.

The purpose of this introduction is to give you a clear understanding of methods and tools applied in treasury management. We start with general introduction to “cash management” and explain how good liquidity management can enable companies to achieve optimal profitability from under-utilized funds and increase control over their cash flows.

We later explain how the sources and uses of your firm’s cash can be identified and how cash inflows and outflows can be assessed by looking at known assets and liabilities and from budget simulations. We also explain how critical “trouble spots” and your firm’s vulnerability to cash flow shortfalls can be quantified.

We present and explain a number of tools and methods that you can use to change idle funds into working cash. One strategy is to optimize your working capital using “just in time” inventorying and other techniques. Another method is “pooling”, which will enable you to minimize interest expense by off-setting (“netting”) debit and credit positions while preserve autonomy, control and record-keeping without having to actually move funds.

We help you explaining how notional pooling can be used in conjunction with “target balancing” and “automated investments”. Other tools include “controlled-investment accounts”, “end-of-day sweep accounts” and “lock-box accounts” that can be set up with the assistance of a big money center bank or regional bank.

Finally, we discuss how a policy for cash management can be formulated and implemented to ensure that adequate control procedures have been put in place and maintained to secure cash collections and cash handling at all levels of the organisation.

With our expertise we are able to create and propose advanced solutions in Cash Management by combining different techniques and methodology from different regions. We have a checklist available that enables us to inventorise quite quickly what synergies can still be achieved for your organisation and implemented with a quick benefit response.

With the information obtained from this checklist and close analysis of your problem, we need a couple of days for analysing what synergies can be achieved. Below you will find some examples of Cash Management Services that we offer to our clients.

Your Cash Management Investigation

Analysing the volume and the form of the cash flows; quantifying the costs of the accounts receivables and accounts payables; investigating the techniques for balance and interest compensation; signalling possible savings on accounts receivables, accounts payables and on liquidity management; optimising processes in the organisation.

We have experience in most European countries, North America and Canada.

Treasury Management Systems (TMS)

Treasury management has become more automated through improved straight-through processing (STP) and further integration with corporate financial systems. This reduces the required number of manual activities, makes the process more efficient and — provided the system is implemented adequately — more secure.
Ideally, this automation frees time for treasury teams to concentrate on areas where the greatest value can be added. This focus on automation puts the treasury management system at the heart of the organization. The requirements placed on the system in terms of functionality, process transparency and security increase each year.

Given the critical functionality provided, companies need to rely fully on the system and the support provided by the vendor, which, like other key relationships, should be evaluated on a regular basis. We propose our clients a test made on 18 different systems answering your selected needs.