Our Values


FINBRAIN-LUXEMBOURG will answer the today’s major areas of concern for most international CFO’s, CRO’s, Group-Treasurers and Treasurers. Our main ethic values are based on reliability, customer respect, sincerity, innovativeness, expertise and professionalism.

Our Commitment:
FINBRAIN-LUXEMBOURG is an organization of passionate multi-disciplined professionals who manage and support financial projects and temporary assignments of our international customers. Our strength and uniqueness is bringing direct added value to customers business with professionals of outstanding quality who are taken through a state-of-the-art management and leadership management program.

Our Approach:
It brings together the three cornerstones of our business: integration, partnership and flexibility. Working closely with our customers, we believe in the power of high quality and responsive decision-making. Taking all business, management, financial and strategy issues into consideration, we have the ability to identify the best possible approach and drive a solution through to its successful completion.

Our Vision:
Experience and innovation as value key drivers

FINBRAIN-LUXEMBOURG offers unrivaled corporate finance, risk, and treasury experience and expertise.
Our specialist knowledge enables us to offer solutions that assist our clients in maximizing the performance of their financial teams, control their risk and improve treasury management performance. Working as a channel development and research, we monitor the latest market technology and develop customized solutions for our customers to ensure « best practice » is really achieved through strategy, operations and technology alignment.

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