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FINBRAIN-LUXEMBURG was founded by financial experts who have worked at some of the most prestigious firms in the country and internationally. We have used our expertise to simplify finance and make it accessible for everyone.

When we started practicing finance our friends and some members immediately asked for some assistance in common financial matters like incorporating a business, or covering a small business risk. We found that while many people and companies have financial expertise needs, most of them don’t want to spend the time, or the money (over EUR 240 per hour), to see expensive cabinets.

That’s why we created FINBRAIN-LUXEMBURG  to help you quickly and affordably create financial planning solutions, start a business, manage a portfolio and more – from the convenience of your company.

To make FINBRAIN-LUXEMBURG the best financial service on the web, we assembled a team of financial experts, with several years experience and business school professors. All of our forms were developed by experienced experts, so you can be sure that our documents are dependable.

Most importantly, we are always thinking about you, our customer. Our satisfaction guarantee is second to none, and our helpful customer service representatives are available by phone.

Thank you for visiting FINBRAIN-LUXEMBURG. We look forward to help you answering your financial needs.

Working with a Financial Consultant/Interim-Manager is a superb source of competitor information!

You will be given a round-up of technology developments occurring in your market. You will be told about alliances between different partners and informed of the intent behind those alliances. You will be drilled on new products in your market so you can assess whether they will be of value to your business.

And you will be briefed on which industry sectors are using which suppliers – in effect, you will be given a guide to contracts recently awarded by leading companies.

This will allow you to develop an objective working knowledge of the markets, of the industry as a whole and will permit you take – or advise on – technology investments with confidence.

And there’s more. We will tell your about industry moves so you can learn about who is moving where and get a view of a company’s strategic intent based on those movers’ previous activities. You will be given a regular diary of forthcoming industry events so you can keep track of developments at conferences and network with your peers. And you will be provided with a very practical directory of services section which will list industry contacts for your every need.

Although you may think that you have an advanced treasury organisation, it may sometimes be worthwhile to have a blank eye lookat your organisation to see if certain parts can be further optimised. And what you might discover should surprise you. As we have an in-dept knowledge of different areas in treasury, and because we have seen different organisations, we mostly need little time to make this investigation. Below you will find examples of International Consultancy Services that we offer to your company.

FINBRAIN-LUXEMBURG Consultancy Services consist of:

Corporate Finance

Treasury Audit
Purpose here is to quantify and judge the current development degree of the Treasury organisation.

Treasury Feasibility Investigation
Purpose here is to investigate the necessity and the added value of a centralised Treasury Department and to advise on the organisation of such a department.

Strategic Planning
Purpose here is to define and quantify the goals and objectives of the Treasury Department and to advise the organisation of such a department.

Develop a Treasury Information System (TMS)
Purpose here is to define the necessary functionalities, technical specifications in relation to the budget available, to compare the software that is offered and to select the best suitable solution.
We can also built applications for you.

Develop Treasury Performance Reporting
Purpose here is to develop a reporting as a basis to judge the Treasury activities on their added value.

Create a Treasury handbook
Purpose is to describe the policy, the functional and administrative organisation, the different functional requirements and its descriptions.

We can train your people in (ERM) Entreprise Risk Management in ISO 31000 and Coso 2013, Cash Management, Performance Management, Change Management,  Crisis Management, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel III, Solvency II, etc…