Clients testimony


« Thank you for agreeing to take on this challenge with us and support this entrepreneurial adventure in every sense of the term in Auvergne. We especially appreciated your enthusiasm foolproof, even in difficulty, your responsiveness, your fighting spirit and your professionalism.
Corinne d’AGRAIN, Partner
ACE Management, Paris 2013

« Jean-Claude JOSSART has successfully achieved a 7 months assignment as Deputy General Manager of GROUPE AUVERGNE AERONAUTIQUE, a 700 employees aerospace company with 4 locations in France and Morocco. He is a talented and experienced interim manager. It was the second assignment with me and I would not hesitate to ask him another assignment in the future.
Philippe HOSTE, President and CEO 
Clermont-Ferrand, 2013

« I can recommend Jean-Claude as a person with great expertise and deep experience of banking solutions. Jean-Claude did an excellent job on the installation of a notional cross border multi-currency cash pool and the improvement of the cash management activities at Kuwait Petroleum. Jean-Claude is an intelligent and experienced professional. Highly motivated, he always takes care of the job and works hard.« 
Group IT Director at Kuwait Petroleum International
Finance Director at Kuwait Petroleum Shared Services
Rotterdam May 2011- April 2013

« Jean-Claude is clearly an expert in the field of Interim Finance Management whether it be in Risk, Treasury or the set up of a Shared Service Center. Jean-Claude is results driven and is clear and concise with his delivery, highly recommended! »
Recruiting proven Program, Project, Change and Transformation specialists.

« It was a great pleasure to work with you, and I would like to thank you for all your efforts and support, which I could really appreciate »
Delek Benelux BV (TEXACO) Breda 2009

« Within a very few days, JC succeed the previous CFO with a real knowledge and with an excellent adaptability to the job »
SONACA Gosselies 2007

« Encore une fois bravo pour votre professionnalisme et votre implication dans cette mission délicate que vous avez menée à la satisfaction générale ».
Philippe HOSTE, CEO
SONACA NMF Canada Montréal, Saint Janvier Québec 2006

« Please extend our sincere appreciation to the members of your organization who made our goals reachable. We are sincerely indebted to each of them for their personal concern during your temporary mission. »
Bernard DUNY, CFO
TME France Paris 2004

« Truly professional and excellent service. I would like to thank you for your truly professional and excellent service. I really mean that »
GMA Control, London 2004

« Ik heb FINBRAIN-ITC tussenkomst nog nooit zo duidelijk gezien, bedankt! »
ABX LOGISTICS Worldwide Paris 2003

« Jean-Claude Jossart is very dedicated and passionate about what he does. He’s a real professional, who is proactive and gets things done. It’s a pleasure to work with Jean-Claude. »
Michèle PISANI, Directorate Adviser
Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center Sophrologist, Psychologist Ph.D.

« Jean-Claude, is a great person both as an individual and as a professional. A person who plans and executes beautifully »
Managing Director in several companies in the financial world

« Brillant, joyful and creative. Working together with Jean Claude is a top experience »

« I know Jean-Claude as a very social and hardworking man. I have done business with him when he was working for Delek Benelux B.V. I have an impression of him as an entrepreneur with his hart on the right spot. »
Commercieel Ondersteuner Bedrijven (financieren) at Rabobank Rotterdam

« I have worked with Jean-Claude when he worked as Treasurer with Delek Benelux BV. I have gotten to know Jean-Claude as a dedicated and focussed professional. «
Johan den HOLLANDER, Teamleader
Financial Logistics at Rabobank Rotterdam

«I worked with Jean-Claude Jossart as a member of ATEB (Association of Corporate Treasurers in Belgium). At that time, he was also Group-Treasurer, at Eurocontrol. Jean Claude was a very active member, taking initiatives and living up with his commitments. He always demonstrated a deep knowledge of treasury, he is a trustworthy person with a pleasant personality «
Finance and General Management Executive

« Jean-Claude is a great professional with a wealth of experience. I very much appriciated working with him for several years. He is very result minded and has an eye for details. «
Georges BROCHE, Fund Administrator
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Devellopment

« A very hard working, honest and a dedicated person. »
François DE WITTE, Head of the Competence Center Treasury and Finance
USG Finance