« A vocation is to have your passion as a profession » Stendhal

Assisting companies in their development and growth is our daily life. Financial Directions are strategic actors in managing business performance. Their job is changing and the stakes are always more numerous.

For these functions, FINBRAIN-ITC and FINBRAIN-Luxembourg are mainstays business partners to enrich the reflection, understand new trends, share a bubble where time is given to the word, the exchange of ideas and sharing of expertise.

We are particularly proud that throughout 2014 we celebrate 12 years of existence of our business consultancy, interim management and training activities strongly recognized by its customers testimony.

Consultancy today is supported by subsidies of up to 50% of our interventions.
We are indeed recognized and approved by the certification authorities.

Our business covers mainly interim-management mandates, a job that cannot be improvised, which is guided by specific rules, a structured approach and professional ethics. The interests of the company, the time of implementation, and budgets under control are essential.

You are definitely our priority.


Jean-Claude P. Jossart